Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In Demand renews C-band capacity agreement with SES

World-leading satellite operator SES announced that content distributor In Demand renewed its capacity deal with the company to continue with the delivery of pay-per-view and Video On Demand sports and entertainment television content to cable headends in North America.

Under the terms of agreement, In Demand will make use of a full transponder of C-band capacity aboard the AMC-1 satellite of SES to provide programming like movies, events and sports packages to cable audiences throughout the United States and beyond. All in all, the content distributor relies on five transponders aboard three SES satellites for its full-time satellite distribution capacity.

“SES represents the foundation of our overall North American satellite distribution capabilities and strategy,” said In Demand CTO John Vartanian in a statement. “Our audiences have come to rely on the availability and quality of In Demand sports and entertainment programming. In turn, we have come to trust in our longstanding partnership with SES for the reliability and flexibility we need in our satellite distribution platform.”

The C-band payload aboard AMC-1 satellite does not only deliver North American coverage, but is also home to national television networks broadcasting to several cable headends. The Ku-band beam also supports national broadcasters and VSAT and broadband services for enterprise clients.

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